Blade of Grass

I once read that a blade of grass is stronger than a mighty tree. In a wind storm, or even a hurricane, if a tree stands firm against the wind, it will often snap or become uprooted. However, a blade of grass will flow in the wind this way and that, no matter how strong or turbulent the wind.

A blade of grass is not often seen as strong or as lucky. To the contrary, a blade of grass serves itself well by being flexible, patient, and resilient – living in a community of peers creating what we call grass. We realize how bonded the community is when we try to remove a patch of grass and see under the surface. The blades are all connected, support each other, and are intertwined – sod.

This teaches us to learn to flow with life’s hurricanes; allow them to pass over us and through us. Not passively, purposely. It works better than puffing our chest and feeling like we need to stand strong, or lean into the wind.  Snap!

Flowing allows the angry wind to die down, to run its course. When all is still again, we are intact, ready to absorb more sunshine willingly. In this state, we send positive energy to our family and friends, which in turn builds more community. We all seek that closeness and feel strong when we have a supportive network beneath us – sod.

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