This is the beginning. A new day, a new chapter of my life. Recently married, I have a wonderful wife, my best friend Kathy and our three amazing kids. After our honeymoon in Scotland and Iceland, we began our new life. We are renovating my old house; it will become our new family home and we’re fixing up Kathy’s to sell. I’m unemployed and I feel happier than I have in years.

Unemployed does not signify lack of progress. Unemployment holds space for me to explore my ideas. I decided that I will spend part of my time building – crafting things out of wood mainly – minor renovations: cedar fences, steps, window trim, creating outdoor rooms. I will also see clients as an IFS Practioner, helping them explore their inner worlds and how parts of them affect their daily lives. Finally, I will find a way to get IFS into schools – Preschool through 12th grade. Can you believe that you need gym to graduate high school (I value physical education), but not parenting, psychology (understanding the self), and all the other “soft sciences” that help people truly succeed with their careers and their families?

Kathy is amazing and totally supportive – encouraging me to create and develop what she affectionately coined my “cockamamie” ideas. I wonder if she consciously realizes that such safety and room allows creativity to flourish and will probably get to her desire as well – that I get a damn job, a job that nourishes my soul so that I’ll be happy and conversely continue to bring that joy to the family.

This blog will be devoted to a simple endeavor – Tikkun Olam – to repair the world. Not in a grandiose way, but in a keep adding drops of peace to the world through education, art, and self-discovery kind-of-way.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.

Seth Kopald

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  1. Beautiful…


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